I honestly believe if everyone starts using it (Bondsy), the world would be a much better place…
Look at usual things with unusual eyes.
– Vico Magistretti
And on the 5th month, Bondsy created the profile page

Profile pages are a fantastic way to display three or more items on a single page. Now you can put your moving sale, garage sale, or collections on the web.


Check out our founder’s page for inspiration: bondsy.com/zambrano.

By the way, you must have at least 3 posts - and only posts with privacy set for “friends of friends” will be displayed.

Need inspiration of what to post? Check out Bondsy Stories!

Bondsy + Moberg = <3

Today, another awesome Bondsy user, Laszlito Kovacs, presents Moberg, an exhibition at Wieden Kennedy Amsterdam.

Laszlito is a phenomenal visual designer that is strictly trading one of his exhibition prints on Bondsy. Score!!!

If you wan’t to learn more about Moberg, the adorable drone that is at the center of most pieces, here’s a piece on the Absolute Network (hope you speak Spanish or use a translating service). :D

Meet Joe Carrafa, Bondsy’s VP of Engineering


Joe Carrafa, Bondsy’s VP of Engineering, resident foosball master and self-described hoarder, came to us by way of Etsy.

Joe grew up in Northwestern Connecticut in a small town. “I got very excited about computers back in the Prodigy days. I had fun writing little apps that would paint the screen and hacking on “nibbles,” a game that came with QBasic.”

Joe has an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Colorado. “I avoided doing software for a career because I thought it consisted of building websites like the things you used to see on Geocities. Instead I got into digital electronics. My first job was manufacturing robotic tape libraries. This was all well and good, but my dream was always to move to NYC, and it’s really difficult to get a manufacturing job here. So I finally jumped back into software, and found that I really loved it.”

Years later, Joe joined Etsy to build out a team to develop tools to help support a growing member base. “I became really interested in the Etsy sellers. I took on a couple projects to focus on helping sellers, then I met Diego and heard about Bondsy.”

“Bondsy’s dual-nature of helping people share, and giving people new ways to connect is really exciting. Further, the freeform nature of the app opens all sorts of opportunities for creativity. I’m really excited to see how people start using the platform.”

While Joe enjoys golf and hacking on software, he is, like we mentioned, a foosball nut. He’s played with NYC Foosball for 7 years, and has competed in foosball tournaments in 9 states.

We are super excited to have Joe at Bondsy. Here are a few of his posts to date (they are all still available!):

A beautiful house in Saratoga Springs

A sewing book

A book shelf that is seeking mates

Hugs, kisses, and love: pricetags should be fun


We’ve found that given the opportunity, people on Bondsy are a creative and fun bunch. Take our pricetags feature. Pricetags are freeform text, which means people can express what they want for a post in any number of ways.

We’ve done some digging - what we’ve learned is some of our users just want a little McLovin’. Need proof? Check out some of these ‘lovely’ pricetags that have been used in the app:

Some need a hug

  • “hug”
  • “hugs”
  • “a hug”
  • “abraço”
  • “$0.25 per hug”
  • “100 hugs”
  • “case of beer and a hug”
  • “2 bacons and a hug”
  • “a ​beer or a hug”
  • “$20 + hug”
  • “$75 worth of hugs”
  • “three hugs”
  • “more hugs”
  • “virtual hugs”
  • “want a hug”
  • “proper hug”
  • “hug. a long one”
  • “long lingering hug”
  • “comforting and reassuring hug upon pickup”
  • ​”a hug or nice cuddle session”
  • “one hug or high five. (also looking for a table and some plants)”
  • “a hug and a story (15 mins long)”
  • ”for girls: one use = one hug”/“for boys: one use = one extra long hug with groping”

Others want a kiss

  • “a kiss”
  • “kiss on the hand”
  • “a kiss and a hug”
  • “20 kisses“
  • “a kiss from my gf.” <— this user is opening a huge can of worms

Some people want a date

  • “a blind date”
  • “sushi date”
  • “date with destiny“
  • “dateswithcutegirls“
  • “let me be your wing woman”
  • “need a date for a friend” <— sureeeeeeee :P

And while some are looking for love…

  • “love”

One user just wanted to get straight down to business

  • “2-minute back rub”

What would you trade for love? Download Bondsy on the App Store and share the love.

Bondsy is hiring an iOS Developer

Must haves:

  • Production experience with Cocoa, UIKit, AFNetworking, CoreData, CocoaPods, and git.
  • Comfortable taking ownership of development of major features, with the ability to produce modular, maintainable, and low entropy code.
  • Ability to do effective QA, and to instrument, identify, and highly optimize memory-, CPU-, and GPU-bound operations
  • A solid foundation in system architecture, Objective-C design patterns, and UNIX
  • Experience with agile-like development processes and ability to self-manage


  • Involved in the iOS community. User of open source Cocoa software. Open source contributions.
  • Experience with KIF, unit testing, and AFIncrementalStore.

Join our iOS team. Email jobs@bondsy.com to apply!

Bondsy is hiring a Rails Engineer

bondsy.com is growing faster than our Founder’s beard, so we’re looking for a killer Ruby on Rails Back-end Developer to join us.

If you f@cking love coding to a point that it almost hurts.  If you love developing to make people feel good, to make them smile.  If you love breaking down a problem to its core, only to build it back up again.  If you’re always looking for a different way to do things.

If you hate long meetings and bureaucracy. If you want to work at a place where lunch time is sacred (No joke, at Bondsy we strongly encourage our team to take a break and have a great time over lunch. Sometimes over dinner as well, we won’t lie. We work hard, but we have a good time.).

If you want all that, every single piece of that, we’d love to talk to you.

Skills & Requirements

* An experienced Rails developer with mastery of all of our back-end stack elements, including Ruby, Rails, Git, Redis, PostgreSQL, and Heroku

* Interested in taking ownership of the server-side component of our product

* A good communicator who can collaborate closely with technical and semi-technical team members to design and implement RESTful APIs and architectures. Ideally you will have experience creating systems that scale for long-term growth.

About Us

Bondsy is a graduate of Techstars NYC Spring 2012 class.  Our Investors include Thrive Capital, Betaworks, Chris Dixon, Josh Stylman, Peter Hershberg, Patrick Keane, Jared Hecht and Steve Martocci (angel.co/bondsy).

We are located in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

To apply, send an email to jobs@bondsy.com.